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American Beaver (アメリカビーバー, Amerika Bībā) is a Friends that appeared in the Kemono Friends game and anime. She was hugely redesigned from the game and gained more similarity of Eurasian Beaver.


Mobile Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Shiraishi Ryouko (白石涼子)
G019 American Beaver a
G019 American Beaver b

"Damu-damu-damu-damu! Damulicious! Oh my, this is a dam, it keeps bad guys away, building a dam is the best hobby to get excited about. Though sometimes I'll get upset while making them and water will start pouring in. Oops! Our dam is leaking!"


Voice Actress: Shimoji Shino (下地紫野)
A021 American Beaver

American Beaver currently living in the forest area of Japari Park together with Black-tailed Prairie Dog. She's the second American Beaver Friend to appear in the franchise and the only one to appear in the Kemono Friends anime. She suffers from anxiety, often causing her to avoid going through with things out of fear she'll mess it up and cause trouble. Despite this, she's very good at planning ahead and explain things to others in ways they'll understand.

American Beaver wanted to build a log cabin on the river. She had gathered up all the lumber requierd and planned out how to do it, but anxiety got the better of her and she couldn't get started on building it.

Her lumber were accidentally knocked into the river and drifted off by Serval, who offered to go help her gather up new trees together with Kaban. The three of them went deeper into the forest to gather up good trees when they met Black-tailed Prairie Dog.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog had tried to build a home of her own, underground, but it kept caving in on her so she would get stuck. After the other Friends helped her out, American Beaver and Black-tailed Prairie Dog got closer and Kaban suggested the two worked together to build a home.

American Beaver and Black-tailed Prairie Dog moved in together in a log cabin with an underground tunnel that they built together. To thank Serval and Kaban, American Beaver built them a bench to sit or sleep on inside the Japari Bus.

In Real Life

American beaver

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