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Giant Penguin (ジャイアントペンギン, Jaianto Pengin) is a friend that is first mentioned by Margay in the anime, at the end of episode 9. She later debuted in the Kemono Friends CD Drama and voiced by Konno Hiromi (今野宏美).



In episode 9, when Arai-san and Fennec met with PPP and Margay, they were discussing about how the Sandstar turns the animals into Friends, and after Royal Penguin observes that "the same goes for a thing that was once an animal" (meaning either a recent skeleton or a fossil), to which Margay replies "Yes, just between us, Giant Penguin-san is that type of Friend".

Drama CD

In real life

Giant penguins (Palaeeudyptinae) are a subfamily of large penguins that got extinct circa 25 million years ago (during the Oligocene period); their fossils have been found in New Zealand, South America and Antarctica. The genera that compose the subfamily represent the largest penguins known to science so far.



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