Kemono Friends (けものフレンズ) was a free-to-play mobile game available in Japan between March 16th 2015 and December 14th 2016. It was the first entry in the Kemono Friends franchise.

In the game, the player took on the role of a human avatar who found themselves in Japari Park during the first Cerulean outbreak. With the help of Mirai and the Friends in the park the player fought to make the park safe again.

Story Summary



In November 2016 it was announced that the game would be taken down from the Android and iOS App Stores on December 14th 2016. Despite the upcoming anime series and manga volumes still being on the horizon, the game would cease to be.

A rise in popularity of the franchise throughout the first quarter of 2017 initially did not changed the fate of the game, with creator Yoshizaki Mine and Nexo referring to it as a "completed title" that would not be brought back.

However, as of March 29th 2017, Nexon has stated that they're going to reconsider bringing the game back. In exactly what form that could be we don't know.

Continuity and Retcons

The Kemono Friends game serve an important place in the series continuity, though as of the Kemono Friends anime, several details have become retconned to better fit the more recent entries. Despite this, Friends from the game and new generations of the same species continously appear in the anime as well. The Cerulean behave somewhat different in more recent media, but that might be because of the lack of the Cerulean Queen.

Promotional Videos



Announcement PV, February 15th 2015



Gameplay PV, March 3rd 2015



Release PV, March 19th 2015



TV Commercial, July 13th 2015

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