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Rockhopper Penguin (イワトビペンギン, Iwatobi Pengin) is a Friends that appeared in the Kemono Friends game, manga and anime.


Mobile Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Goto Yukari (後藤友香里)
G038 Rockhopper Penguin a
G038 Rockhopper Penguin b


"Aidoru yunitto PIP no rokku musume! Iwatobi Pengin da ze! Atsui kimochi, iya, rokku na kimochi ha dare ni mo make ya shinai! Kyou mo kanzen nenshou daa! tte, Fururu neru naa!"

English Translation

"The Rock Daughter of PPP, coming up! My burning passionate feelings won't be doused by anyone! So today as well, let's rock on in full blaze~! Hey, Hululu, you're sleeping!"

In-Game Stats

Rockhopper Penguin
Rarity ★★★★★ Evasion 89
HP 10,135 Speed 45
ATK 8,215 Knock-Back 64
DPS 3,696 Reach 120


Japanese Romaji English Translation
エレキギターの音っていいな。そしてもちろん、オレが得意なのはエレキギターさ! Erekigitaa no oto-tte ii na. Soshite mochiron, ore ga tokui na no ha erekigitaa sa! The sound of electric guitar is great don't you think? And of course, the thing I'm good at is playing electric guitar!
オレさ、今までノリばっかで喋ってたけどこれはマジに言うぜ。出会ってくれて、あんがとな Ore sa, ima made nori bakka de shabetteta kedo kore ha maji ni iu ze. Deatte kurete, angato na You know, uptil now I'm always speak with enthusiasm, I'm serious. Thank you for meeting me
PIPの連中はロックな心を持ってるぜ。ただしフルル、お前はもう少ししっかりしろ〜っ! PIP no renchuu ha rokku na kokoro wo motteru ze. Tadashi Fururu, omae ha mou sukoshi shikkari shiroo! PIP gang posses the heart of a rocker. But Hululu, pull yourself together a bit more! 
フルルのヤロー、また練習のこと忘れてるな! フルルどこだー! 返事しろー! Fururu no yaroo, mata renshuu no koto wasureteru na! Fururu doko daa! Henji shiroo! Hululu, that rascal, She's forget to turn up for practice again! Hululu where are you! Answer me!
ロックにラップをしてみてぇ。だからラップの練習だぜ。ロックラップ、ロックラープ Rokku ni rappu wo shite mitee. Dakara rappu no renshuu da ze. Rokkurappu, Rokuraapu I want to fuse rap into rock. That's why I'm learning rap. Rock-rap, rock-rap
おっす、ロック大好き、ロッカーのイワビーだ! 今日もロックな一日で行こうぜ! Ossu, rokku daisuki, rokkaa no iwabii da! Kyou mo rokku na ichinichi de ikou ze! Okay, I like rock, I'm Iwabi the rocker! Today too, let's go rocking the day!
PIPを応援してくれて感謝だぜ「 」。オレ推しだって? おいおい、照れるぜ ... ... PIP wo ouen shite kurete kansha da ze [ ]. Ore oshi datte? oioi, tereru ze... ... Thank you for supporting PIP [Player's name]. You're a fan of mine you said? hey hey, I'm feel embarrassing... ...



Voice Actress: Aiba Aina (相羽あいな)
A035 Rockhopper Penguin

Rocker (イワビー, lit. Iwabī) is a Rockhopper Penguin Friend and a member of the idol unit PPP's third generation, she's first shown in Episode 8: PPP Live.

She's the most energetic girl in her group, often losing track of the rhythm as she dances. Her positive and outgoing personality makes her the designated mood-maker for most occassions.

Stage Drama

Butai rockhopper penguin

Rockhopper Penguin was played by Aiba Aina (相羽あいな) in the Kemono Friends Stage Drama.

In Real Life

Rockhopper penguin

The rockhopper penguin is a rather small but rather aggressive penguin that was named after the way it "hops" forward when it moves. It's a strong and very physically active penguin.

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